Business Continuity and Risk ManagementPrinciples, practices and developments

Launched May 2011 Updated January 2012 15 lectures
Prof. Kurt J. Engemann
Iona College, USA

Disasters and disruptive events can challenge an organization's viability. Numerous recent events have led to a heightened awareness of the need to be prepared for the worst. The objective of the Business Continuity and Risk Management series of talks is to provide a professional and scholarly venue in the critical... read morefield of business continuity and risk management with particular emphasis on decision making using a holistic approach. The growing body of knowledge of research, practical methods, theories and experiences is vital to lead an organization in the process of systematic decisions to protect people, assets and operations and to ensure the survivability of an organization from disaster. A broad spectrum of threats, vulnerabilities and risks are addressed and the most useful strategies and plans to prevent and mitigate disaster are presented.

Because business continuity and risk management often deals with events that are improbable, analyzing these risks is challenging. Risks come in many varieties, and with this awareness there is a growing concern and concomitant effort for organizations to respond to the challenge. Organizational resiliency can be accomplished through an effective program in business continuity and risk management based on an understanding of risk methodologies and technologies.