Effective Risk Based Supervision of Financial InstitutionsHow to develop good supervision

Launched August 2009 Updated October 2009 9 lectures
Dr. Jukka Vesala
Deputy Director General, Finnish FSA, Finland

The main aims of the series are:
• To explain how supervisors have developed a risk based approach to encompass all major risks of supervised institutions and the main fundamental issues involved;
• To explain how the implementation of the Basel II capital adequacy rules will enhance the... read morerisk based approach to supervision;
• To illustrate what kind of processes and methods have been put forward by supervisors to implement risk based supervision and how they could be further developed;
• To address the role of the models and methods developed by supervised institutions themselves to manage their risks and ensure capital adequacy, and to explain how such methods are evaluated by supervisors;
• To evaluate the lessons for risk based supervision emanating from overall financial market trends and the recent financial market turmoil.