Data MiningFundamentals and latest developments

Launched June 2008 Updated December 2008 8 lectures
Mr. Tom Breur
XLNT Consulting, The Netherlands

Data mining is a relatively new profession. Because data mining applications have taken such a flight, and business results have sometimes been nothing short of spectacular, there is now a wide interest in many areas of business. Applications run the gamut from direct marketing, customer service, logistics, pricing, segmentation and... read morepredicting churn. Creative minds discover new applications every day.

There is much talk nowadays about competing on analytics, and a crucial role is reserved for data mining in order to gain a competitive edge by fully exploiting existing data. Because data mining is so new, and the field has evolved so rapidly, many organizations are finding it hard to attract highly qualified talent. For similar reasons, there are not many institutions that offer training courses to develop junior staff further. To alleviate many of these concerns, the Henry Stewart Talks series on data mining is a timely proposition in this market place.