Research Methodologies for Application in Business

Launched October 2022 Updated January 2023 7 lectures
Dr. Sue Greener
University of Brighton, UK

Open any newspaper or magazine, online or in print, and you will find business research headlines and visualisations designed to catch your attention. However much of this research may be spurious, lacking ethical approvals, and based on insufficient methodological rigour. There is a reason for the rigour which serious academic... read morejournals and Higher Education institutions insist upon: research methodology has been developed over generations to safeguard both reader and author and satisfy their needs for accuracy and trust.
This has never been more important as business decisions involving millions of dollars, international collaboration, and the livelihoods of thousands of employees and investors rest on the accuracy of and trust we place in business research data.
This series of talks and case studies highlights the range of issues to consider in business research—from finding out what we already know to designing robust studies, choosing methods for data collection in a business context, whether or not to mix or triangulate them, key issues in research ethics, cross-cultural research and data science, and how best to communicate results. We apply the vital traditional principles to current examples and trending issues and present a view of how agile business needs agile research methodologies for meaningful results.