Introduction to Microeconomics

Launched July 2018 Updated December 2019 15 lectures
Dr. Sangaralingam Ramesh
University College London, UK

This series of fifteen short talks represents an introduction to Microeconomics, the study of consumer and firm behaviour in the context of a market. Although Microeconomics can be taught using complex mathematical techniques, this series of talks allows for a real-life appreciation of the study of Microeconomics at an introductory... read morelevel. However, once all the talks in this series have been viewed, they can serve as a springboard for further study for interested listeners.

The series will start with ‘The Emergence of Microeconomics’ from the philosophy of Aristotle, Plato and other Greek philosophers. The talks will then cover core concepts including ‘Demand and Supply’, ‘Consumer Optimisation’, ‘Firm Optimisation’, market structures such as ‘Perfect Competition and Monopoly’ and ‘Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly’. The talks will conclude with the application of Microeconomic principles in the context of ‘Climate Change and Healthcare’.

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