Management Accounting

Launched January 2018 Updated June 2019 9 lectures
Prof. Alexander Himme
Kühne Logistics University, Germany

What is the unit cost and the contribution margin of my product? How many services do I have to provide in order to break even? Shall I outsource this activity or shall I keep it inside my company? Which products shall I produce first given my limited resources? Managers typically... read moreask these and similar very fundamental questions when making decisions. This lecture series provides the basic concepts and tools to answer these questions. Covering the fundamentals of management accounting this lecture series helps managers to make better and profound business decisions. Specifically, this lecture series explains what kind of revenue and cost information exists and how this information should be extracted and structured. The lecture series also demonstrates how managers can use cost and revenue information to better plan and control business decisions. Cost and revenue information is the language of business, and this lecture series enables business students to better speak, understand and finally use this language.