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Contact the Publisher: Journal of Digital Banking

First Published May 2016 Latest Issue December 2023

Journal of Digital Banking is the major professional and research journal publishing in-depth, peer-reviewed articles, applied research and case studies on FinTech innovation, digital disruption and how to develop a profitable, customer-focused digital banking strategy.... read more

Subjects covered include: digital payments; fintech innovation; digital payments product management; AI and machine learning; mobile banking and apps; blockchain; open banking; customer service, personalisation and user experience; digitisation initiatives and replacing legacy systems; digital banking start-ups; big data and analytics; risk, fraud and security; regulation and compliance; barriers to consumer adoption; standardisation initiatives; digital, alternative and cryptocurrencies; business models and partnerships; digital banking operations and services.

Contact the Publisher

For all queries please contact the Publisher:

Simon Beckett
Journal of Digital Banking
Henry Stewart Publications
40/41 Museum Street
London WC1A 1LT, UK