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Volume 7 / Number 2 / Winter 2023 - Management in Healthcare: A Peer-Reviewed Journal

First Published May 2016 Latest Issue December 2024

Management in Healthcare is the major research and professional journal publishing in-depth, peer-reviewed articles and case studies on leadership, administration and management in healthcare.... read more

Subjects covered include: administration and operations; healthcare finance and financial management; governance, risk and compliance; healthcare regulation; healthcare marketing, communications and media relations; revenue management and collection; procurement and supplier relationships; digital healthcare; human resources and training; healthcare delivery and systems; healthcare economics; information technology and records management; healthcare insurance; quality management; performance measurement; environmental health and safety; change management; organisational behaviour.

Volume 7 / Number 2 / Winter 2023


Beckett, Simon

Case study

Chen, Wei (Sophia); Leung, Christa Y.; Kamath, Janine R. (Coelho)

Practice papers

Washington, Knitasha V.; Goodson, Kellie; Thompson, Lee; Lord, Tanya; Bratcher-Rasmus, Brittny; Wyatt, Ronald
Norton, Myra W.; Robertson, William G. ‘Bill’

Case study

Rosenberg, Walter; Richman, Ruth; Berumen, Teresa; Smith, Rachel; Olison, Eugenia; Artman, Lexi; Wang, Siqi; Ewald, Bonnie