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Volume 1 / Number 4 / Spring 2018 - Cyber Security: A Peer-Reviewed Journal

First Published June 2017 Latest Issue June 2024

Cyber Security is the major peer-reviewed journal publishing in-depth articles and case studies written by and for cyber security professionals. It showcases the latest thinking and best practices in cyber security, cyber resilience, cyber crime and cyber warfare, drawing on practical experience in national critical infrastructure, government, corporate, finance, military... read moreand not-for-profit sectors.

Subjects covered include: cyber security risk assessments; cyber response programmes; protective measures; threat surface analysis and detection; training ‘red’ teams; crisis and reputation management; data breaches; awareness, education and training; workforce analysis; cyber security in the supply chain; insider threats; cloud security risk; cyber warfare, cyber terrorism and state-sponsored attacks; safe disposal of data; cyber security investigations and digital/analogue forensics; hackers’ techniques and motivations; security architectures and network assurance; internet fraud techniques; encryption, cryptology and data protection; user behaviour analytics.