Prof. Dr. Janneke Samsom Erasmus University Medical Centre, The Netherlands

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Janneke Samsom performed her PhD research in Leiden at the department of Infectious diseases and obtained her PhD in Immunology in 1996. After two postdocs she moved to the department of Pediatrics of the Erasmus MC/ Sophia children’s hospital in 2005 where she is heading the research laboratory of Pediatrics.... read moreHer laboratory is focused on identifying immune regulatory processes that are pivotal to intestinal homeostasis. She has unique expertise in murine models for gastrointestinal inflammation in which combined differential gene expression, in vitro cell-biology and in vivo cell-tracking are used to identify pathways that regulate mucosal tolerance. In her translational work she has focused on dissecting inflammatory pathways that classify Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Celiac Disease (CeD) patients in subgroups and yield parameters to characterize their disease subtype.