Mr. Asher Rospigliosi University of Brighton, UK

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Asher is an economic sociologist with a passion for teaching the complexities of information systems in a business context. He has taught for nearly twenty years, but had a varied range of experiences before entering the academic world. He ran comic shops, swept streets, and was a butler before finding... read morea place for his passion for networked information systems at the dawn of the internet age. During the 90s, Asher built websites and e-commerce publishing systems, eventually leading transnational software development projects for ZDNet. Asher’s current research is focused on understanding the role of social media for job seeking graduates. He has published on graduate employability, signaling and human capital, and the history of universities, action learning, and New-Vocationalism in a range of journals including International Journal of Social Economics, Higher Education Review and Action Learning Research and Practice.