Dr. Sea Matilda Bez University of Montpellier, France

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Dr. Sea Matilda Bez is associate professor at the university of Montpellier, specializing in Open-coopetition (collaboration between competitors for unlocking innovation opportunities). Dr. Bez's research started with a Ph.D in “Strategizing and Managing Coopetition.” Her Ph.D. highlighted one of the most successful coopetitive projects: a coopetitive project that generated 100... read morebillion dollars. The interested stake of her research describes how competitors can share their core competitive advantage transparently and even teach each other how to become stronger. It is counter-intuitive and in contradiction with the traditional strategic approach of keeping secret firms’ core competitive advantage. She continued this research by exploring open-coopetition during her Post-Doc at UC Berkeley (open innovation between competitors). More precisely, she is looking at Artificial Intelligence Technologies. She wants to understand how firms are involved in AI consortiums and how these consortiums are used to unlock the value creation and value capture opportunities of AI. Recently, she became part of a European Horizon 2020 project, DiHeco (Digital Healthcare ECOsystem research and innovation capability building), exploring the digital platform to promote social-driven health. Again, Dr. Bez explores the question of transparency in these digital platforms. Moreover, in addition to academic activities, she has presented on Open-innovation and Open-Coopetition in front of innovation directors and alliance managers from Silicon Valley or French companies, and is in charge of fostering collaborative environments between the academics and practitioners for Avery Dennison, Enel, and Tech Mahindra.