Mr. Ian Lenathen Business Consultant and Author, Canada

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Ian Lenathen is an international business consultant, author, and Information Communications Technology speaker.... read more

His unique background as a logic design engineer (non-degreed) for a large-scale computer manufacturing corporation and as a network engineer with a world-class telephony manufacturing company afforded him an expert classification in computer networking and telephony networking architectures and topologies.

Ian wrote and executed the first business plan for a telephone company to become an internet service provider, enabling fifteen million early adopters to subscribe via telephone companies to the internet.
The first business plan is a real example of applying intuitive business intelligence as a forward-looking strategy mitigating trend risk.

Intuitive business intelligence is key to vectorizing current situations and events to predict the most probable future.

As the internet and underpinning classical state and quantum state physics evolve, regulated area code bounded telephone companies are at risk. Area codes are obsolete.

This case pits the internet's innovation and its underpinning technologies against the telephone company road map's status quo metrics.