Prof. Gordon Guyatt McMaster University, Canada

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Professor Guyatt is a Distinguished Professor of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics at McMaster University. He coined the term “evidence based medicine” (EBM) in an editorial introducing the idea in 1991, and has since been a leading advocate of evidence-based approaches to clinical decision-making. His over 1,000 publications in peer review journals dealing with health status measurement, clinical trials, systematic reviews, and clinical practice guidelines, have been cited over 85,000 times; 147 publications have been cited more than 147 times (h-factor). Recognition for his work includes, in 2011, his appointment as an Officer of the Order of Canada and in 2013 the Canadian Institute of Health Research Researcher of the Year, and in 2016 to the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame. In 2016 the Web of Science identified Guyatt as one of world’s most cited researchers; he was the only Canadian to be named in areas of both clinical medicine and social sciences.