Dr. Guntram Werther Temple University, USA

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Guntram F. A. Werther, Ph.D. is Professor, Integrative Business Applications Group, at the Fox School of Business, Temple University teaching in the Executive doctoral program, honors program and also required capstone courses. In +26 years of top-of-government and Fortune 10 to Fortune 500 work involving mid- to most senior management... read morelevels, his work has been evaluated as best-in-field, or best-in-world, four times. His decades-long holistic work (pre-2008) on the coming downside complexities of globalization: Rising border walls, anti-globalization societal, political and social change, anti-immigration sentiments and anti-global political parties has now been validated by events.

Guntram F. A. Werther’s doctorate is from top-ranked Washington University in St. Louis, defended with distinction and twice nominated best comparative doctoral dissertation in the U.S (1990/1991). His 1992 book thereon was reviewed as the best work in its field, is still in print and regularly referenced.