Prof. Jonathon Read Luxembourg School of Business, Luxembourg

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Jonathon is Professor of Finance at Luxembourg School of Business, and has designed and led a series of successful events focussed on the use of distributed ledger technologies across various industries such as finance, law, asset management, insurance and the public sector.... read more

He is an experienced financial services professional, who has run trading, structuring and product marketing businesses at major financial institutions in London and New York. His experience spans credit, rates, and foreign exchange, and includes both developed markets and the emerging markets of Latin America, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. He is Founder and Chairman of Your Credit Union, a mutually-owned financial services company for West Central London, and founder of Triborough Opportunities, a charity that encourages public financial literacy and promotes sustainable financial inclusion.

Jonathon holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge, an LLM from the University of London, and is a CFA charterholder.