Mr. Morgen Witzel Honorary Senior Fellow, University of Exeter Business School and Senior Consultant, The Winthrop Group, UK

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Morgen Witzel is a historian of management and writer on business issues. After taking a Master's degree in Renaissance history from the University of Victoria, Canada in 1986, he spent five years at London Business School helping to design and teach courses on business in China. He co-wrote Doing Business... read morein China, published in 2000. At present he is Editor-in-Chief of the Corporate Finance Review and Deputy Editor of Mastering Management Review, published on the internet by the Financial Times. He also writes the series Management A to Z. Morgen has a long-standing commitment to the value of the study of history for management thought and practice, which he discusses in his book Builders and Dreamers: The Making and Meaning of Management. He is also the editor of the Biographical Dictionary of Management, an important reference work containing biographies of more than 600 management thinkers and practitioners from around the world, from the builders of the pyramids to today's dotcom billionaires. He is a partner in two businesses Western Writers Block, which provides services to the publishing industry and Carucate, a research consultancy.