Prof. Mark J. Martinko University of Queensland, Australia

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Mark J. Martinko (Ph.D.) is a professor of management at the University of Queensland and teaches in the areas of leadership, organizational behavior, philosophy of science, and attribution theory. His research focuses on attribution theory which he has applied to the areas of motivation, leadership, impression management, whistle-blowing, emotions, organizational... read moredeviance, abusive supervision, and entitlement resulting in publications in tier one journals including the Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Performance, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Management, and Leadership Quarterly. He has an extensive record of professional service including: Associate Editor: Journal of Organizational Behavior; past or present member of five editorial boards; Past Division Chair: Managerial and Organization Cognition Division, Academy of Management; Dean of Fellows (Southern Management Association); past president of Southern Management Association; and past president of Allied Southern Business Association. He has consulted for numerous public and private organizations including Wal-Mart and Guinness Group Sales Ltd., Ireland.