Dr. Vincenzo Basile Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, University of Toronto, Canada

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Dr. Basile has two Bachelor of Science Degrees, one in Computer Science and the other in Biology with specialization in the areas of Statistical Genetics and Neuropsychopharmacogenetics. He initially trained under Professor Ronald Pearlman in the area of Evolutionary Genetics and Phylogenetic Mathematical Model Analysis, and subsequently trained in the... read morefield of Statistical Genetics and Behavioural Genetics under Professor Marla Sokolowski. His medical school training was at McMaster University Medical School and his residency training was at the University of Toronto in the Department of Neurology with a special interest in Movement Disorders and Neuropsychiatry. Most of his genetic training was under the guidance of Professor James L. Kennedy, an internationally recognized psychiatric geneticist in the area of Neuropsychopharmacogenetics who appointed Dr. Basile as Head of the Pharmacogenetics Unit of the Neurogenetics Section at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in 1998. Dr. Basile has published extensively in the area of pharmacogenetics of antipsychotic drug response and adverse effects and has significantly advanced the field with his work. The ultimate objective of his research is the application of pharmacogenetics from "Bench to Bedside" such that iatrogenic movement disorders and adverse events such as tardive dyskinesia can be predicted a priori and subsequently prevented.