Prof. Martin Reimann Eller College of Management, University of Arizona, USA

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Martin Reimann is currently a marketing professor at Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona. His research deals with positive and negative emotional processing and its role in consumption. Specifically, Prof. Reimann investigates common emotional mechanisms that explain a wide array of consumers’ judgments and choices and serve... read moreas an overarching framework of how consumers consciously and nonconsciously use emotional information to make decisions in their everyday lives. Substantively, he studies the role of emotion in consuming food, processing aesthetic packages, experiencing products, and forming brand relationships. Prof. Reimann's research has been published in the Journal of Marketing Research (JMR), the Journal of Consumer Psychology (JCP), and the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS), among other journals, and has been generously funded by the Google & WPP Marketing Research Program, among others. He has received several awards for his research, including the C.W. Park Outstanding Contribution Award to the Journal of Consumer Psychology, the Young Contributor Award by the Society of Consumer Psychology (SCP), both the William R. Darden Award and the M. Wayne Delozier Award by the Academy of Marketing Science (AMS), and several best paper awards by the American Marketing Association (AMA).