Prof. Jérémie Gallien London Business School, UK

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Jérémie Gallien is an Associate Professor in the Management Science and Operations area of the London Business School. Dr. Gallien’s research focuses on pushing the frontier of supply chain management through collaborative projects with organizations that include Dell, Zara, Amazon and the World Bank. Technical solutions developed by his research... read moregroup have been implemented by several global corporations, and for this work he was inducted a laureate of the INFORMS Edelman Academy. Dr. Gallien has published, consulted and taught extensively in the areas of Operations and Business Process Management, Supply Chain Management, System Optimization and Simulation. He is a citizen of France, where he graduated from the Ecole des Mines de Paris and the Lycée Chaptal, but has been working in the United States and Great Britain since 1996. Dr. Gallien holds a PhD in Operations Research from MIT and an engineering degree from the Ecole des Mines de Paris.