Prof. Peter Naudé Manchester Business School, UK

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Peter Naudé is Professor of Marketing and also Deputy Dean for Academic Programmes at Manchester Business School. He graduated with a B. Bus Sc. Degree from the University of Cape Town, a M.Sc. (Operations Research) from Sussex University, B.Sc. (Information Systems) from the University of South Africa, a PhD in... read moreQuantitative Modelling of Organisational Buyer Behaviour and then a M.Sc. in Education, both from Manchester University. After a number of years spent in Consultancy, he joined the University of Cape Town's Graduate School of Business as a lecturer, before joining the staff at Manchester Business School in 1990. He joined the University of Bath School on Management in 1999, returning to Manchester in 2005. He has published three books and around 80 articles in journals, all dealing with Business-to-Business marketing.