Prof. Chris Cannings University of Sheffield, UK

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Prof. Chris Cannings joined the University of Sheffield in 1971, where he held several senior positions along the years including Head of the Section of Genetics and Informatics and Director of the Centre for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology in the Division of Genomic Medicine, School of Medicine. Prior to this... read morehe held posts at the Universities of Aberdeen and Pavia, and visiting positions at Stanford, Cambridge, Houston and Utah. His research focused on mathematical problems in biology, including such topics as the dynamics of genetic selection models, models of genetic drift, ascertainment, and algorithms for pedigree analysis, mathematical theory of evolutionary conflicts, theory of identity states and random graphs, and protein interaction nets. In recent years Prof. Cannings’ research focused on IBD, generalisation of the classical random graph and application to genealogies and interaction nets. He was also involved in studies of recombination, genetic associations with disease susceptibility and severity (e.g. with HepC, meningococcal infection) and various family studies. Prof. Cannings was the co-editor of "The Handbook of Statistical Genetics" (Wiley, 2003).

Sadly, Prof. Cannings passed away in December of 2017.