Mr. Simon Webley Research Director, Institute of Business Ethics, UK

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Simon Webley has been Research Director at the not-for-profit Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) since 1998 and served as a consultant since its inception in 1986. Mr. Webley holds a degree in economics and political science from Trinity College and has previously worked at Reed International (now Reed Elsevier) as... read morewell as serving as the British Director of the British-North American Committee, an association of private sector leaders from the US, Canada and the UK, from 1969 until 1998. He has authored or co-authored fifteen studies for IBE on business ethics policies and practices including Making Business Ethics Work (2006), Use of Codes of Ethics in Business (2008) and Employee Views of Ethics at Work (2009). In 1993 he compiled the Interfaith Declaration on International Business Ethics for a panel of senior leaders representing Christians, Moslems and Jews. In his current role at the IBE, he helps a range of business companies and international organisations and has spoken, trained and advised on ethical business practice topics in many different countries.