Mr. Warapong Wongwachara Teaching Fellow, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge, UK

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Warapong Wongwachara is a Teaching Fellow in Money, Banking, and Finance at the Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge. He read for an MPhil in Economics at Cambridge during 2006-2007, and then proceeded to the PhD Programme with financial support of the Overseas Research Studentship, and the Cambridge-Thai Scholarship. His... read morePhD thesis, under the supervision of Dr. Steve Satchell, looks at the impact of econometric errors in quantitative financial economics, addressing critical issues such as non-normality of asset returns, mis-measurement, illiquidity, and regime shifts. Warapong is also working as a consultant for Acadametrics Ltd. on the UK Arrars and Possessions Forecasting Model, House Price Forecasts, and Macroeconomic Factors in Stress Testing. As a thriving academic, Warapong is a Special Supervisor of Newnham College, Cambridge, and a lecturer in Empirical Finance of the Pembroke College International Programme.