Ms. Aliza Freud Founder and CEO, SheSpeaks Inc., USA

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Aliza Freud is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SheSpeaks Inc., the leading women’s insights and word-of-mouth marketing network. SheSpeaks stages and showcases products, services and content for companies that want to establish a direct dialogue with female consumers. Through its diverse, national network of female members SheSpeaks helps... read moreclient companies to spark women’s interest, obtain candid feedback, grow word-of-mouth awareness and build long-term brand advocates. SheSpeaks’ member network has grown to over 100,000 women from across the US who have an immediate reach of over 12,000,000. The company has successfully tested products and services for leading brands in the beauty, packaged goods and media industries including Philips, Dove® chocolates, Heinz, Food Network, Oxygen Network, AOL, Martha Stewart, OPI Cosmetics and others. Before founding SheSpeaks Aliza was an executive at the American Express Company’s Global Advertising and Brand Management group and led global brand enhancement initiatives.