Ms. Hallie Leighton Director of Branding & Strategic Partnerships, Charity Brands Consulting, USA

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Hallie Leighton was a Writer and Account Manager at Charity Brands Consulting. Before coming to Charity Brands, she was a Senior Account Manager at IDT, a Fortune 1000 global communications company. Hallie also wrote business-to-business marketing material for Verizon, and her advertising copy for other companies has appeared in publications... read moresuch as New York Magazine, The New York Observer and The Wall Street Journal. Hallie battled breast cancer for three years before she succumbed in 2013. During her illness she campaigned for a New York State law that would require radiologists to inform women when their mammograms are not effective in detecting tumors, and they need further testing. Hallie lived long enough to see the bill pass. She was posthumously awarded a citation from the governor of New York State for her work. Further information can be found on Hallie's blog: