Dr. Dirk Schmidt-Gallas Partner and Managing Director, Simon-Kucher & Partners, Germany

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Dirk Schmidt-Gallas is a Partner with Simon-Kucher & Partners, a strategy and marketing consultants, and leader of the financial services competence center. He is also the Managing Director of Simon-Kucher’s Frankfurt office. Dirk has extensive international consulting experience in the financial services sector. His clients include top-tier banks and insurance... read morecompanies who he advises on strategy, value delivery, pricing and effective marketing implementation. He is the author and co-author of numerous books and papers in leading financial journals on strategy, marketing and pricing in the financial services sector in Germany and abroad. Dr. Schmidt-Gallas is a regular speaker at key industrial conferences. He studied business at the University of Mainz, Germany, focusing on marketing and finance/risk management. He wrote his dissertation for Deutsche Bank on strategic product design, based on findings developed during a research assignment at Yale University, USA.