Mr. Bernard Lavelle Director of Sales, London City Airport, UK

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Bernard joined London City Airport, shortly after it opened in 1988. Initially working in marketing, Bernard moved to the airport’s commercial department and helped to develop the department and its activities. This included having responsibility for developing concessionary businesses and directly running the airport’s business centre. Following on from this,... read moreBernard helped to establish the airport’s sales department. The airport took over direct responsibility for its advertising sales operation and Bernard developed this business from its infancy until its present status as a major revenue earner for London City. In early 1997 Bernard launched the first airport website in the UK and followed this with the launch of the first airport on-line flight booking system and the first airport mobile website. In 1999 Bernard was asked to take over the additional responsibility for airline development at London City Airport, which included the development of British Airways at the airport. Recently Bernard has continued to focus on airline and route development and has been pioneering direct relationships with passengers through a variety of mechanisms including wi-fi and social networking.