Mr. Mark Deacon Senior Quantitative Analyst, UK Debt Management Office, UK

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Mark Deacon has around 20 years of debt management experience and currently works as a Senior Quantitative Analyst at the UK Debt Management Office (DMO). Before joining the DMO Mark worked at the Bank of England, in both the Monetary Instruments & Markets Division and the Sterling Markets Division. Mark’s... read moreresearch on the use of indexed and nominal bond prices to derive estimates of inflation expectations formed the basis of his book Estimating and Interpreting the Yield Curve (1996) (co-authored with four others). His second book Inflation-Indexed Securities was published in 1998 and examines the motivations for issuing and investing in indexed securities, as well as providing an extensive review of global indexed bond markets. A second edition of this book, which was co-authored with two others, includes coverage of the inflation-linked derivatives market and was published in January 2004. In addition, Mark has written chapters in Investment Banking: Theory and Practice (1996), Handbook of Inflation Indexed Bonds (1999) and Inflation Risks and Products – The Complete Guide (2008). He was instrumental in organizing the Bank of England’s 1995 conference aimed at developing the UK indexed bond market and in 1998 he was involved in a consultation exercise with market practitioners on issuance technique and instrument design of index-linked gilts. Mark played a lead role in the DMO’s consultation exercise on the issuance of ultra-long gilt instruments in 2004, as well as the subsequent launch of the first 50-year index-linked gilt in September 2005.