Prof. Andrew Scott Professor of Economics, London Business School, UK

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Andrew Scott is Professor and Joint Chair of Economics at London Business School. He lectures on macroeconomics, focusing on how macro forces shape the global competitive environment. Andrew is also a Fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy Research and is Scientific Chair of the Euro Area Business Cycle Network.... read morePreviously a Fellow at All Souls, Oxford, he has also held lecturing positions at Harvard University, London School of Economics and Oxford University and is on the Executive Council of the Royal Economic Society. Andrew Scott has won several prestigious awards, including the Phillip Leverhulme Prize Fellowship and the Royal Economic Society Prize. A winner of the General Teaching Excellence prize, his research focuses on monetary and fiscal policy and on global capital markets. He has published widely in leading journals including: Journal of Economic Theory, Journal of International Economics, Journal of Monetary Economics and the European Economic Review. He is co-author of Macroeconomics: Understanding the Wealth of Nations, the Managing Editor of Economic Journal and has served on the Editorial Panel of Economic Policy.