Ms. Peggy Salz Founder and Publisher, MSearchGroove, Germany

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Peggy Anne Salz is the Founder and Publisher of MSearchGroove, an online source of analysis and commentary on mobile search, mobile advertising, social media and all things digital at the intersection of content and context. Her report, Mobile Search & Content Discovery, establishes Peggy as an authority on mobile search... read moreand content discovery technologies enabling media companies and mobile operators to monetize content and services. Peggy has established a successful consulting career based on vision, insight, versatility and over 15 years of industry experience. She has written over 300 articles and also comments on daily developments in mobile search and mobile advertising for magazines and online destinations such as MobiAd News, Mobile Entertainment, Mobile Media and New Media Age. Peggy also writes Agile Minds, a monthly column for eContent magazine documenting the breakthrough technologies and companies that will influence the next-generation Internet, widely referred to as Web 2.0.