Mr. Michael Becker EVP of Business Development, iLoop Mobile Inc., USA

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Michael Becker is a leader in the mobile marketing industry. He is EVP of Business Development for iLoop Mobile, Inc., a leading mobile marketing software solutions provider. Michael has over 16 years of technical and business development experience and has worked in the global telecommunications, medical, electronic book, and custom... read moresolution test industries. In addition to his role at iLoop Mobile, Michael sits on the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Board of Directors (2005, 2007), is Founder and Co-chair of the MMA's Academic Outreach Committee and Founder and Co-editor of the MMA International Journal of Mobile Marketing. Michael is also a Ball State University Center for Media Design Industry and Research Fellow. He has written numerous articles on mobile marketing and is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Business Administration at Golden Gate University, San Francisco. Michael is focusing his research on the emergence of the mobile channel in the United States and its use for marketing.