Prof. Jaap Boonstra Professor of Organizational Dynamics, Esade Business School, Spain and University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Prof. dr. Jaap J. Boonstra is Professor of Organizational Dynamics at Esade Business School in Barcelona and Professor of Organizational Development and Learning at the University of Amsterdam. Next to his professorships he is Dean of Sioo, inter university center for organizational change and learning in The Netherlands. His research... read moreinterests focus on barriers to organizational change and innovation, power dynamics in organizational change, and sustainable development of organizations. Jaap published many articles on technological and organizational innovation, the management of organizational change, organizational learning, politics in organizations, strategic decision making and fundamental change programs in the service sector and public administration. In 2004 he published a handbook Dynamics of Organizational Change and Learning. His most recent book Intervening and Changing: Looking for Meaning in Interaction is published by Wiley in 2007.