Mr. Dorian Pyle Director of Modeling, Numetrics Management Systems, USA

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Dorian has over 20 years experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques which are used in what is known today as data mining or predictive analytics. He has applied this knowledge as a consultant with Knowledge Stream Partners, Xchange, Naviant, Thinking Machines, and Data Miners and with various companies... read moredirectly involved in credit card marketing for banks and with manufacturing companies using industrial automation. In 1976 he was involved in building artificially intelligent machine learning systems utilizing the pioneering technologies that are currently known as neural computing and associative memories. He is current in and familiar with using the most advanced technologies in data mining including: entropic analysis information theory, chaotic and fractal decomposition, neural technologies, evolution and genetic optimization, algebra evolvers, case-based reasoning, concept induction and other advanced statistical techniques. Dorian is the author of Data Preparation for Data Mining, Business Modeling and Data Mining and the Handbook of Data Mining.