Recorded Webinar

Adenovirus vectors and vaccine responses

Recorded on Wednesday August 11, 2021

In this webinar, Prof. Klenerman (University of Oxford) will describe recent work on the use of adenovirus vectors as vaccines. These vectors have received a lot of attention recently because of their use by different companies in development of vaccines for COVID-19. Such vaccines elicit very strong and sustained T cell responses, including a phenomenon described as memory “inflation”, but the key features which lead to these phenomena are not fully explained. The webinar will focus on some recently published data which explores the basic mechanisms which lead to induction of immune responses by adenovirus vaccines for infectious diseases and cancer. It will first look at the innate responses and how these are interpreted by innate-like T cells such as MAIT cells to enhance memory formation. Secondly it will describe a novel cell population and immunologic niche which promotes memory T cell development following vaccination and which might provide a key area to target in further development of these powerful vectors.


Prof. Paul Klenerman
University of Oxford, UK

Paul Klenerman trained in medicine at Cambridge and Oxford and specialised in infectious diseases. He did his PhD in viral immunology at University of Oxford and a postdoc in Zurich before returning to Oxford to establish a lab looking at immune responses to infection. The work includes studies of hepatitis C and a range of viruses affecting the lungs and liver - looking at how these evade the immune response, and the development of vaccines. He is focused especially on novel T cell responses in the mucosal surfaces which are critical for early host defence. He is an NIHR senior fellow and a Wellcome Trust investigator and holds a chair in the Nuffield Department of Medicine in Oxford.