How to be a successful entrepreneur

Published on September 26, 2018   13 min

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My name is Anthony Scaramucci. I am the founder of SkyBridge Capital Management, a company I started in 2005. I'm here to talk to you about entrepreneurship. This is my 22nd year as an entrepreneur, having started two businesses with SkyBridge Capital being the one that's been the longest-tenured. It's the one I'll really use as an example in the conversation that we're about to have.
So, many people have asked me throughout my career what it takes to become a good entrepreneur, how can somebody determine their own personality whether they are capable of being a successful entrepreneur? I've got it broken down into three categories, and so I want to address that in this session.
Category number one is related to your personal social status and your self-identity. So, what I often tell people, if you're that self-conscious type at a cocktail party, where your friends are doing quite well but you just started your new business and all new businesses take three to five years before you can really determine whether or not they're successful, and if you're sitting there in a self-conscious stupor, then clearly you're not the type of person that can be an entrepreneur. So, the first issue for me is a self-diagnostic. How do I feel in a social setting related to my own social status? If you grew up the way I did, where your grandmother tells you that what other people think of you is none of your own business, and if you grew up in a way where you just want to be yourself and live to your true nature, and if you have an ability to take risks in your personality, then you can go to step two.