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How brands can shift toward an experience-led model

Published on October 31, 2017   18 min

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Hi, I'm Caroline Chen, Digital Director at Downtown Partners, a Creative Agency in Chicago, Illinois. We're lucky to have Adler Planetarium as our client, and I've worked with Adler's Vice President and CMO, Marc Lapides, to bring you today's talk about embracing an experience-led brand.
Let's start with what we'll cover today. We'll talk about the emergence of the experiential brand. There's a rising generation of consumers valuing brands as experiences above all. And as marketers, we need to better understand the shift to an experienced first brand. I'll take you through our observations of the "Brand as Experienced" model from a museum point of view. With our own case studies and those of other experience-led brands, you'll see that the power of an ownable marketing campaign is still crucial for results, and that new technology and channels alone aren't automatic wins, without creativity and authenticity.
Before talking about brand as experience, it might help to start with a popular approach, of brand as publisher, promoted by many marketers today. It's the idea that digital is always on culture and publisher and SEO friendly algorithms, have demanded that brands become content machines, turning out listicles, infographics, real time video feeds, influencer partnerships, content calendars, and other exhaustive means to create shareable brand content.
Digital agencies like Huge, know that the publisher movement is real, and that, to win that search ranking, brands must produce "more and better content."
And while there is a valid need to compete for visibility with good content, it's an overwhelming and unsustainable ask for marketing division built for sales, to suddenly evolve overnight into a publishing house built for engagement. The investment required for new technology, staff, content strategy, and always-on newsrooms, isn't realistic for the majority of marketers, especially a nonprofit like Adler Planetarium. With these barriers in mind, a couple solutions have emerged. Becoming better curators of other people's content, or hiring a publisher, or agency to do the work for you. Even then, comes the process of defining your Return on Investment, or ROI, that involves building both creative and technical solutions to help connect engagement to conversion.

How brands can shift toward an experience-led model

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