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Lessons from a start-up: revolutionising display advertising at Whichit

Published on February 28, 2017   22 min

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Hello, everybody, my name is Jonathan and I'm the Founder and CEO of Whichit. I will try in the next 15 minutes to share with you my point of view as entrepreneur in the start-up world, how we started, where we're going to, and a bit of experience along the way.
A bit about myself. Originally, I'm from Israel, start-up nation, former I was a Project Manager at IBM and Israeli Air Force. I have a Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Management Engineering and MBA from Tel Aviv University and UCLA.
I'm not with myself, I have a great team backing me and working together. The dream team, this is how we like to call ourselves, and it's actually a dream team because in the end of the presentation, I will give you three tips from my side for entrepreneurs, and one of them is the most important is the team. Together with me there is Yarden, he is the CTO, basically, this guy know how to code everything, it is very important in start-ups, especially tech, that 50% of the entrepreneurs side will be techie, and Yarden has filled this point. Angela from Manchester, UK, she is our Head of Sales, and Galit Gan, who is also my wife, she's the Creative Director.
So what is Whichit? Whichit is directive content platform for publishers and for marketers to do three simple things. First of all, generate more engagement rate, second, open a new revenue stream, and third, gain actionable insight. Users, once they engage with Whichit, which are quiz, polls, trivia, etcetera, doing it will generate phenomenal engagement rate. We're talking about 20%, 40%, 90% engagement. Once they engage with the content, they getting engage card, the Whichit engage card. In high level, the Whichit engage card divided to two main parts. First of all and the most important is the user feedback. Well done, 5% agree with you, you are opinion leader, 90% agree with you, you are part of the crowd, that's amazing, etcetera, etcetera. It's very important the user recognition in the social media, this is why Instagram is Instagram, Snapchat is Snapchat, etcetera. The second part of the engagement, this is the most important, this where the power of Whichit, the engage card delivered to the end user, a commercial offer bespoke based on what he or she chose.

Lessons from a start-up: revolutionising display advertising at Whichit

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