Bite-size Case Study

How Lucozade defeated the sceptics

Published on August 31, 2016 Originally recorded 2009   5 min
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Lucozade Sport case history describes how a brand needing credibility was able to find a community, and talk to, and engage with that community in a way few other media would allow you to do. Although Lucozade Sport is proven to improve performance, the core audience of consumers, those serious about sport, was skeptical about the credibility of the Lucozade Sport message. This audience are crucial potential advocates that may need to be seen to use the product to reassure those that don't participate in sport that Lucozade Sport is authentic. Brand had become relatively well known through advertising, but with sports participants it was designed for, they had hit a wall of skepticism. Lucozade Sport needed to find a way to ensure that the claim of 33 percent improved performance was not only heard by them, but also believed and acted upon.
Sportsmen and sportswomen are passionate, involved, and curious. They are fascinated by the small things that will make all the difference to their performance. Demonstration, support, and inspiration are key levers two create strong bonds with them. The key campaign objectives therefore were: to open a dialogue with serious sports people, to developing a trusting relationship where messages are believed, to drive consumers to the Lucozade Sport website and shop with a target of naught point five percent click through rate, and deliver five percent year on year sales. The strategy was, as magazines have this unique personal relationship with their readers, was to be seen as trusted friends who consumers can go to for advice and inspiration. Therefore, sports magazines allowed Lucozade Sport into the hearts of their community as a knowledgeable peer, ready to give advice and support. This allowed the communication to the skeptical audiences from a position of trust, making the messages more believable. Runner's World continues to be a bible for runners in the UK.