HSTalks quick start tutorial

Published on January 17, 2016   3 min
Welcome to the HSTalks Collection of Biomedical and Life Sciences audio-visual lectures, each specially commissioned from a leading world expert, including Nobel Laureates and Lasker prize winners. This short audio-visual tutorial will provide you with a quick look at the main features of the site.
The collection contains over 2,000 lectures, which are divided into more than 100 comprehensive series. Returning to the homepage, you'll see that all the talks have been indexed by 'Subject Area' into both 'Categories' and 'Therapeutic Areas'. Clicking on any of these subject areas will take you through to the available lectures for your area of interest.
The first thing you will notice is the search function. Use this to search for talks within the specific 'Category' or 'Therapeutic Area'. Below, you will notice the number of individual talks listed in that 'Category' or 'Therapeutic Area', the number of 'Series' listed, as well as a list of all the 'Experts' who have presented talks in this field. Below that, you will see the individual talks within our 'Editorial Board's Favorites'. You can also see the talks which have been recently added.
If you click on 'View All Talks' in the Lecture section, you will notice the option to filter the results. Here, I am going to narrow down the results by selecting for only talks listed in the 'Cell Biology' category. I am also selecting for only talks that were released in 2015. The search results are listed below in release date order. At any time, you can return to the homepage by clicking on the HSTalks logo at the top of the page.
You'll notice a search bar in the center of the homepage. Entering a search term here will allow you to search the entire collection of talks. As an example, I am going to look for talks related to cancer therapy. The results show all the available talks and series that are relevant to the search. Once again, by using the filter options, as previously shown, you can narrow down your results even further to suit your specific interests. As an example, I will select for only talks listed in the category of immunology. I will also filter for talks which were published in 2015.