Responding to pandemic influenza

Published on December 2, 2014   51 min

Other Talks in the Series: Respiratory Infection

Hello, and welcome to this lecture entitled "Responding To Pandemic Influenza." My name is Jonathan Van-Tam. I'm a Professor of Health Protection at the University of Nottingham. For this lecture, I shall be joined by my colleague from NHS England, Dr. Chloe Sellwood, who will introduce herself in due course. Hello. My name is Dr. Chloe Sellwood, and I'm the Pandemic Influenza Resilience Manager for NHS England. Now, this is the second lecture in a short pandemic series, and it focuses, rather than on what pandemics are, about how, in terms of public health, we respond to them. So it's a good idea to have listened to the first lecture and studied the material to go with it or potentially to have done your own reading about what influenza pandemics are, how they're formed, and their main characteristics. You will really need this kind of background to get the most out of this second lecture.