Radio AdvertisingHow it works and how to optimize it

Launched June 2008 Updated January 2009 7 lectures
Mr. Andrew Ingram
Radar Consulting, former Planning Director of the UK Radio Advertising Bureau and co-author of Better Radio Advertising, UK

Radio is often neglected as an advertising medium. Campaigns are frequently conceived and executed late in the day, and it is generally seen as a tactical rather than strategic medium or a low cost alternative to TV or print. This simplistic perception of the form belies the fact that radio... read moreis more challenging than it appears in terms of writing and producing effective commercials. Furthermore, listeners understand the power of the medium: it can tell you about things you did not even know you were interested in, or remind you about things, or imprint ideas, brands and words deeply into your mind.

This series of talks is designed to explore the way radio works as an advertising medium, with insights into the best ways to use it at a practical level. The talks are mainly given by specialists in radio, as generalists often have the wrong assumptions about the medium – the comment ‘it’s like TV without pictures’ is typical of a non-expert view of radio advertising, whereas in truth the two forms diverge in many ways .