Digital Entrepreneurship and its Impact on Business

To be launched June 2022
Dr. Lutz Göcke
Nordhausen University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Prof. Mathew Hughes
Loughborough University, UK
Mr. Mariusz Soltanifar
Hanze International Business School, The Netherlands

Digital entrepreneurship is reshaping business and communication between and within organisations, through cloud services, augmented and virtual reality, artificial intelligence and blockchains as some of the technologies that comprise our increasingly digitised world. This series examines technological and theoretical developments, to analyse their potential for generating entrepreneurial activity.... read more

In our understanding, digital entrepreneurship focuses on leveraging digital technologies or digital business models to explore and exploit entrepreneurial opportunities. Our quest in this series is to shed new light on digital entrepreneurship, understand the critical factors in successful digital entrepreneurship and understand the context sensitivity of digital entrepreneurship efforts, including, but not restricted to, the individual, the firm and the international business contexts.

To achieve these elements, this series contains contributions from scholars from all over
the world, consistent with how digital entrepreneurship brings global challenges to entrepreneurs, firms, public institutions and governments.