Data Analytics

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Dr. Manj Subiah
Executive Coach, South Africa

In a world saturated with information, it is said that ‘data is the new oil’. But if data is the raw material of the digital economy, then transforming bits and bytes of data into meaningful information is critical to harnessing its value. Whether in reference to big data, the Internet... read moreof Things (IOT), or Artificial Intelligence (AI), data analytics are key to making sense and significance of these technologies. In this series on Data Analytics, we explore the value of data analytics in the business domain.

The challenges and opportunities for data analysts have changed substantially in recent decades. New developments include technological advancements, legislative changes, socio-political changes, and economic constraints. The overarching driver is, however, the quest to provide value from data. In business, this generally translates into decisions around what direction or strategy should a business take, what costs to cut, what investments to make, what return on investments can be made, how best to serve the customer? The experts in this series provide insights on how they use data analytics to offer solutions and ultimately, to add value in business.