Digital Innovation

Launched June 2022 Updated June 2024 5 lectures
Dr. Josh Morton
University of Leeds, UK

Digital innovation is an essential feature of business and the economy. The ever-increasing power and capability of technology in organisations has spurred a massive rise in digital innovations that are potentially transformational for organisations, products, services and operations, in all industries and domains. Moreover, the ways organisations and managers organise... read morefor innovation has greatly changed, for example by enabling people from across the globe to generate ideas for new products and services, or by devising solutions to problems based on collective intelligence and agile methodologies. However, while potentially transformative, digital innovation is complex and fraught with difficulty; it requires careful management and should not be assumed to automatically arise from, or through, new and powerful digital technologies.

This series of talks will provide guidance and research-led examples to students and professionals who are keen to harness the power of agile innovation for their organisations. The talks will examine a range of digitally enabled innovation processes and concerns in organisations, while exploring the opportunities and consequences for organisations as well as for managers, employees, customers, supply-chains and the potential impact for wider society too.

Each talk will include at least one real-life example based on an existing company or organisation.