Digital Marketing Innovation

To be launched
Mr. Mariusz Soltanifar
Hanze International Business School, The Netherlands

This series looks at innovations in the field of digital marketing. To sustain competitiveness and develop new products and services, companies increasing rely on digital marketing techniques. The series objective is to emphasize the opportunities arising from using digital marketing techniques and examine the impact it has on business performance.... read more

Changes in digitization and technology have opened a wide range of opportunities for marketers. In many companies digital strategies have now replaced traditional marketing strategies. To stay competitive in the current market, understanding new technologies and their potential have become essential to selling products and services to new and existing audiences. However, there are many ways of building a digital marketing strategy and it can be challenging for companies to choose the most effective ones to reach their commercial goals.

Social media allows companies to interact with potential customers in public, providing them a channel to promote their products, services, and the messages they want to spread. Besides the most common ways to reach potential customers on social media, one-on-one messaging and private chat groups can provide additional channels.

As well as the impact on marketers, digitization changes the role and capacity of customers. Power is shifting from brands to consumers. A result is that consumers are purchasing products and using services from around the world, increasing the competitive potential and visibility of smaller, formerly local businesses. Customers appreciate personal service and being able to obtain information and knowledge before purchasing a product or service.

Each talk in the series will contain at least one real-life example of 5-10 minutes, based on the experience of an actual organisation.