Structural and Functional Insights into GPCR Signalling

Launched July 2019 Updated September 2019 5 lectures
Dr. M. Madan Babu
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, UK

GPCRs are the targets for nearly one-third of all approved drug targets in the market.
Recent developments are providing unprecedented insights into the structure and function of several medically important GPCRs. For instance, the scientific community has described over 170 different crystal structures of 39 unique GPCRs in 91... read moreunique ligand receptor complexes. The molecular understanding of the structure of these receptors holds promise for new therapeutics and personalized medicine.

The key objective of this series is to highlight the inner working of GPCRs through a
description of the atomic structure of receptors in complex with diverse ligands, in different conformations, and in complex with effector molecules. This series will be of significant interest to anyone keen to know about the molecular basis of GPCR signalling. Specifically, the talks will be relevant to undergraduates, graduates, academic and industry researchers, medics, physicians and senior scientists who are new to the field of GPCRs.

It will also provide up-to-date knowledge for researchers already working in this area.
This series will have talks that will provide structural and functional insights into the
different GPCR members. The first set of talks will provide the atomic framework for ho GPCRs mediate their function. The next set of talks will provide insights into the atomic details of how class A GPCRs carry out their function, with emphasis on receptors that are activated by light, amines, peptides and protein ligands, lipids, as well as nucleotides. The third set of talks will discuss how G proteins and arrestin recognizes activated GPCRs and will describe common mechanistic principles in receptor activation and transduction of information to effectors. The last set of talks will provide insights into the structures of class B, C and F receptors.