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Volume 4 / Number 3 / Summer 2021 - Journal of Data Protection & Privacy

First Published December 2016 Latest Issue March 2024

Journal of Data Protection & Privacy provides an expert, peer-reviewed forum for the publication of academic and practitioner applied research, briefings, discussion, case studies, expert comment, analysis and insights on the key legal, regulatory, governance, operational and technological issues affecting data protection, privacy and information security globally.... read more

Subjects covered include: data protection and privacy legislation and regulation worldwide; GDPR; Data Protection Act 2018, CCPA 2018, Convention 108 and other legal and regulatory requirements; legal and regulatory changes; implementing privacy requirements; case studies in data protection and privacy; managing customer data; managing healthcare data; AI and M/L and data protection; Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs); Internet of Things and data privacy.

Volume 4 / Number 3 / Summer 2021