Dr. Dennis Smith Pfizer, UK

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Dr Dennis Smith worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 32 years after gaining his Ph.D from the University of Manchester. Academic appointments include Honary Professor at the University of Capetown, where he is closely involved with H3D, the leading academic drug discovery unit in Africa. He is a member of... read morea number of Expert Panels with Medicines for Malaria Venture and Cancer Research UK as well as serving on Scientific Advisory Boards for a number of Research Institutions. His research interests and publications span all aspects of Drug Discovery and Development particularly where drug metabolism knowledge can impact on the design of more efficacious and safer drugs. During this 41-year span he has directly helped in the Discovery and Development of eight marketed NCEs. He has co-authored over 160 publications including a number of books including “Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism in Drug Design”, “Reactive Drug Metabolites” and Attrition in the Pharmaceutical Industry. He was recently elected as the first Fellow of the Drug Metabolism Discussion Group.